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You then have an option to apply your new rule to messages in your inbox. Your new automatic reply rule will now appear in your list of Rules.

The checkbox for it should be marked, but if not, mark it. Select the rule and click Edit to make the necessary changes.


Automatic replies can make managing your inbox easier. Whatever the case may be, they are certainly helpful. Do you plan to set up an automatic reply with Mail on Mac?

If so, let us know what type of email you will apply it to! Set up the rules for your email reply Open the Mail app on your Mac and then follow these steps to get started. Here are a few examples: Messages from a specific email address Messages sent or received within a certain date range Messages from people in your contact list Messages marked as high priority Messages with a certain word in the subject line or body There are many more options to pick from and the conditions are quite flexible.

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Keep in mind There are a couple of things to remember when creating these automatic replies. The Mail app must be open for the Rules to run and your automatic replies to be sent. I really need help converting the date format into a more database-friendly format! I guess that it's a de-referencing problem. Your looping strategy needs some work.

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As it now stands, you will only get the date for the first selection. Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the feedback Adam. To return the list it must be moved after the end repeat. For months it's higher version is Would be fine to add As for the Datelist - now you've helped me solve the short date problem, I'll definitely re-write the script because, as haolesurferdude pointed out, the looping does need some work.

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