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Once the suitable drivers have been installed, connect the printer via your computers USB port and begin the process of setting up the printer physically for printing. This driver download process is very easy and takes a very short time to complete. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. HP LaserJet Driver Downloading steps Downloading these drivers is very easy and simple; all you have to do is; Identify the drivers that suit your operating system.

Download HP LaserJet 1020 Driver Software for your Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and Mac OS.

By choosing the latter, the file is downloaded and stored on your hard drive for future use. Our table makes it easier for you to find the drivers suited to your system. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. All Rights Reserved. The content is strictly Copyrighted reproduction or re-posting is strictly prohibited. I am installing HP now. These are a great printer so your post has ensured that I do not have to buy another such printer and dump this one — thanks. Thanks for this — really saved me as it even works for our old LaserJet It was ridiculous to have had to even consider binning a perfectly good — end very economical — printer just cos I bought a Mac.

Thanks again, from London, England. Thanks for the feedback Martin, very much appreciated!

Thank you for your brilliant and invaluable post, with those extremely helpful screen shots. I had exactly the same problem — a problem no more! My neighbour threw out their perfectly functional likely due to the software issue and I followed your excellent instructions above. I now have a free, superb printer. Thank you so much for sharing this! It worked perfectly thanks to your brilliant explanations!

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I was a little worried about this printer being compatible with Yosemite, but this saved me! I have this printer at work and really wanted one for home and now I got one. Though the drivers have update the advice and the link is perfect! Thanks for putting this out there…. I struggled until I read the link to delete the default driver and replace it. After getting my old Mac stolen, it was a heartbreak to see my trusty HP LaserJet would have to be replaced, too.

But you saved it! Thanks for not only saving us money and frustration, but keeping a good printer out of the landfill. Yay, thank you so much for this post! Thank you so much! I got this printer for 7. You saved me from spending a lot of money to buy another printer. Thanks so much for posting this valuable info! Appreciated much your effort in posting this info. Thanks very much! Many, many thanks for taking the trouble to post this info. I was given this printer and was begining to think it was a white elephant.

We should all makes sure that no matter what OS is updated, drivers can still work for the usable hardware out there! Grateful for the information on this thread, which helped enormously.

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Has anyone figured out how to enable the printer feature of print both sides with the HP driver set? Seems like a waste of paper and time to not have that feature of the original driver set working. Likewise, print page selection by range. It is probably something simple but i am confounded.

Got my working now. One thing that would be nice is not having to install half a gig of drivers, just to get at the one! Thanks again! As long as the driver works…. Thanks a lot dear. May the Almighty bless you and ease your matters as you helped me in my problem. Have a great day.

Thank you for sharing. Best and thanks from Cambridge, UK. The Scots blood in me always has me seeking ways to keep the old stuff functioning when it does things well! Perhaps this OS is too new yet for existing drivers. Thanks for your help, though. Touch wood!

Download driver for hp laserjet 1020 mac

Thank You very much. I was going through internet trying to download drivers.. I tried your procedure with HP Printer Drivers 3. Appreciate any insight. I know this may be a silly question, but have you tried to insert the USB cable into another USB port, just to rule that out? Also make are no other USB devices attached as you do this and see what happens?

Thanks for your reply. I have the same OS version and driver version selected as you. Perhaps there are VMWare services still running that might be interfering. This is brilliant. Geez I just bought my in ! Wow thank you so much Mr Keenan. You saved my day here. Thank you, thank you!!

HP Laserjet 1020 in OS X Snow Leopard

Works great. Saved me a lot of time today and definitely lots more time going forward! The oldies are the best I say! You could set the printer to do odd pages first, then re-insert them and then print the even pages? When you go into the presents for this driver, there does not seem to be the same options as you would have on a windows based PC. Thanks mate, this worked a treat. I love my old HP works like dream and toner is cheap as well. Hello Gordon, I have El Capitan Used this oldie but goodie for a decade now, works perfectly for the occasional printing i do. Really dont want to buy a new printer if at all possible.

Would you have any further suggestions or trouble shooting i can do?

HP Laserjet 1020 Driver Download

Greets, Stefan. So i deleted V3. Gordon, would you have any suggestions please? I am running Parallels and it prints via Windows obviously but i would like to get it working for all print jobs via Mac and Windows. I am out of options….. When i open a page on the Mac side Office for Mac, Safari, etc it wont print as the printer was not recognized. Windows 7 side works fine. The only difference i see between your setup and mine is that my El Capitan version is Would that be reason i cant print on the Mac side? Best regards, STefan. Correct, i can install it with the driver 1. I also find it strange.

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  • I removed printer and tried several times, restarted PC old Microsoft habit i guess. That is only on the Mac side. On the Windows side i can print. At least i can print but as you know too more and more you just print out from the Mac side.