Netscape browser for mac os x

Mosaic Netscape 0. Netscape Navigator 0. Navigator version 1 was wildly popular and introduced millions of people to the world wide web for the first time. Netscape Navigator 1.

Other editions:

Netscape Navigator 2. Netscape Navigator 3. Netscape Navigator 3 for Windows Preferences Source: youtube.

Apple Macintosh - Netscape Navigator 3.04 (1997) Netscape

Netscape Navigator 3 for Mac Preferences Source: indigo. Incidentally, Netscape created the open source project Mozilla in this year, which would go on to create the Firefox browser.

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Netscape Navigator 4. Netscape Communicator 4. Netscape never released a version 5 of the browser.

Unicode and Multilingual Web browsers

Netscape 6 for Mac What's New Source: lowendmac. Netscape 6 for Windows showing Wikipedia Source: wikipedia.

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  • Netscape 6. Netscape 7 for Windows Source: computerbase.

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    Netscape 7 for Mac Source: tripod. Netscape 7 for Windows showing Google News Source: geocities. Netscape 7. Netscape 7 for Mac performing Google Search Source: macintoshgarden.

    Netscape Navigator

    This browser was released only for Microsoft Windows. If you are using Safari, open it's Preferences, Advanced. At the bottom is a checkbox for "Show Develop menu in menu bar".

    Check it and the Develop menu will appear in the menu bar. In the Develop menu you will see a User Agent menu item with a hierarchal menu that allows you to change the user agent to any one of the browser's listed.

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    By doing this the sites you connect to will think you are using the browser you specified. For Firefox there's add-ons to allow you to do the same thing. User Agent Switcher is one. I'm pretty sure other browsers have user agent switching to, either built in as in safari or add ons extensions as with FF.

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    Netscape 6.1 out for 'classic,' X operating systems

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