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What can I do to let other player be able to read the file? When it was released you could not open video encoded with ProRes in video players that did not support the Apple QuickTime playback architecture since ProRes was a proprietary Apple encoding format. But in late an open source decoder became available for ffmpeg as a compile in option. Just to be clear, ProRes was never intended as a playback format.

ProRes Converter: Easily Convert Videos to Apple ProRes

ProRes was designed as an intermediate codec for use during video recording and editing, and was a replacement for Apple Intermediate Codec. As a result, it was never intended to be used as a "playback" format. That's why you could only play it back with QuickTime or editing software. For optimal high quality video playback across a variety of video players that have the horsepower to play back your video you need to encode your video as a H.

  • Apple ProRes QuickTime Decoder 1.0 for Mac and Windows.
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You will want to set both the temporal and spacial compression to minimum, and make sure that the playback bit rate is not capped in the compression software. While H.

If you do want to try and use ProRes as a playback format, then you need to make sure that the player you are using connects to the QuickTime playback codecs, and that you have the ProRes decoder installed on your system. The only video player that I know that will handle ProRes other than pro editing systems is VLC, and you need to have the ProRes decoder installed to make this work.

This should let you save it in an MPEG file, which you can play anywhere.

Here is a link to the ProRes decoder supplied by Apple: I imagine the only way to get another player to handle the files is to find a way for it to piggy-back on this. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. However, I had a deadline, and I just worked with what I had. Now that I have some free time, I've been trying to figure out the solution to this problem. Same issue. I did some more research, and it seems like this is a common issue with footage from the 5D. Someone on another forum suggested that the solution would be to convert the files into Apple ProRes , and to change the audio settings to 48 khz.

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So I put one of the files into mpeg streamclip, and I discover that there is no Apple ProRes option. Which is great, except I have Final Cut Pro installed on my computer already. Also, if anyone knows the solution to my main problem choppy footage from the 5D that would be equally helpful. Report Post.

Editing MP4 and h. You evidently didn't take the time to learn Streamclip or to read the manual.

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Los Angeles http: Bringing "The Whale" to the Big Screen: Thanks everybody! David Roth Weiss was correct, I was using Mpeg streamclip incorrectly. I did it the way he suggested with one of the clips and it seems to have solved the issue. And I definitely will check out that video, probably as I wait for Streamclip to convert the files. I settled on trying Apple Intermediate but I'm not sure what that will do to the video.

I'm shooting with a Canon G Thanks, help from anyone out there is appreciated. I guess the simple solution is to buy FCP That didn't work for me.

There is no Apple ProRes option in Mpeg Streamclip : Apple Final Cut Pro Legacy

Does that mean I just don't have it on my computer? I use iMovie 6 on a MacBook Pro. I don't have Final Cut Pro. Is there an older version that does? Is there a different version that does? Is it no longer an option?