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Click the Trackpad icon to open the trackpad preference pane. The speed at which the cursor moves across your Mac's screen is a function of both how fast you move your finger on the trackpad and the tracking speed you select. If you're using a mouse instead of the trackpad, you can also increase and decrease the track speed of that mouse.

MacBook trackpad tip: tough time clicking the trackpad? Just tap instead

Setting tracking speed to the Slow end of the slider requires you to move your finger farther along the trackpad surface to move the cursor. Using a slow setting allows for precise cursor movements, but it causes maddeningly slow cursor response. It may even require multiple swipes of the finger across the trackpad to move the cursor completely across the screen. Set the slider to the Fast end, and the smallest amount of finger movement sends your cursor whizzing across the screen. Most users prefer to set the slider so that a full swipe of the finger across the trackpad causes the cursor to move from the left side of the display to the right side.

By default, a trackpad is set for a single click to be accomplished by physically pressing down on the trackpad, an action Apple calls a force press. You can feel the trackpad give as it is depressed. If you prefer, you can choose a single tap rather than the force press by selecting Tap to Click. The Secondary Click, also referred to as a right-click , is turned off by default. This is a holdover dating back to the original Mac, which had a single-button mouse, but that was so To move into modern times, you'll want to enable the secondary-click functionality.

You have options for the secondary click. Check Secondary Click and then use the drop-down menu under it to select one of three options:. There are two basic categories of gestures. Universal gestures are gestures that all applications can use.

Application-specific gestures are only recognized by some applications. On websites and applications that supported right-click, Control-clicking still achieves the same thing on Mac as right-clicking does on a PC mouse.

Now, however, macOS has support for right-clicking, or secondary clicking, as Apple calls it. However, it amounts to the same thing. If you prefer tapping to clicking on the Trackpad, check the box labelled Tap to click. Just move the slide right to make it go faster or left to make it go slower.

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If so, just go back to System Preferences and choose another option. Note: If you have an Apple mouse, you can have the left side as the secondary click and the right side as the regular click. For most of us, the default speed for double-clicking a mouse button works just fine. But for some users, with different requirements, an adjustment may be needed.

You can change the length of time macOS waits for a second click in order to register a double-click, which is useful if you have difficulty moving your fingers quickly. If you find that if you drag files over folders and the folders spring open unintentionally, you can slow down the spring load speed.

Or if you find you have to wait too long when you want a folder to open, you can do the opposite. These are all standard macOS System Preferences. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service.

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Is there way to set a keyboard shortcut or key to simulate a mouse right click but without touching trackpad or mouse? Imagine you have a list of files in Finder. You move your selection by going up and down with keyboard arrows. When you are happy with selection, you "press a button" and it simulates as if you did a secondary click on the file you selected earlier with the keyboard.

The context menu should not open where the mouse pointer is, otherwise I'd have to move it over selection first, which ruins the keyboard-only workflow. On Mac currently, all current right click options need me to touch trackpad or mouse:. I don't know any way to show a context menu for items selected with the keyboard like what the menu key does in Windows.

MacTrackpad - Enable Tap instead of physical click, Tap to click on MacBook Air, MacBook pro.

To assign a keyboard shortcut for performing a secondary click at the current coordinates of the pointer, you can either:. Use a private. As it states "Use the Keyboard in place of the mouse". Also several options are available to choose from that may meet your needs. If you want, go to the options menu and enable "Press the Option key five times to toggle Mouse Keys".


Press Option - Command - F5 , and a window will pop up. Select "Enable Mouse Keys". To right click press Fn - Ctrl - I. Sometimes you might want to turn Mouse Keys off as some keys on your keyboard won't function properly. If you are using an external keyboard, just find the equivalent to the function key.

Turn on or off tap to click in macOS

To map keys on a Windows keyboard with a Mac, visit this guide. Activate it, select the file and hit the shortcut keys, then you get the keyboard focus on your menubar. Navigate with the cursor keys to the "Services" menu, select the service and hit Enter. Here's a solution using Automator and Python.

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  8. I am on High Sierra Installed Shortcat and seems fine so far, also Vimium is super useful, but works only in browsers. Tab to the link or item and either press return or the space bar to select and activate, then press return. In Mojave, simply two finger click on the trackpad will generate right click effect, such as spell check over red squiggly lines words on text to correct the spelling.