Axis camera companion for mac

You can always go back to get it by clicking on the arrow in your camera and click "FTP":. Create motion detection window - Typically found in the "Detectors" window or "Events" window.

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Choose your resolution and any other settings you would like your captured clips to have. Create the Action Rule if you want images - Click Add, which will open a wizard. Schedule should be always or your choice. Recipient MUST be the ftp recipient you created in the last step. Create the Action Rule if you want video and your camera has support - Click Add, which will open a wizard.

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Old Firmware Cameras 5. Check passive mode - Click OK. And that's it! Jump to the Troubleshooting section. Before you start: Camera must have a working internet connection. Take note of your MAC address which you'll find on the camera.

Also find your OAK. This typically comes on a separate piece of paper in the camera box. If you can't find your OAK contact support.

Axis Camera Companion - Step by step Tutorial

See diagram below as some models have multiple buttons. Enable AVHS slider.

Put in the OAK. Password is almost never needed and only for very old firmware. If everything worked and you have no error, you should be on the settings screen to customize any settings. Make sure the camera is running the latest firmware. Typically you only want to add a camera with AVHS if it has firmware 5. Factory restore the camera. This will clear everything other than the network settings.

If all else fails, factory reset the camera. You'll have to setup the camera network settings again.

Still having issues? It could be the firewall blocking outgoing ports. If you only see local IPs then the camera is not able to connect to anything outside the network.

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Add Camera 1. Axis Manual Setup There is no reason to use a manual setup. Many offer high-quality video and are excellent value. These are cameras designed for one market e. China that have been flashed with English-language firmware by the reseller and sold into a different market e.

UK or USA. They may work fine, but the manufacturer won't support such products, and it's likely that you will never be able to update their firmware. Foscam While the low price might be tempting, there are significant concerns about quality control with Foscam cameras. Some users report success with Foscam cameras, but others report significant problems.

We recommend that you do not buy a Foscam camera for use with SecuritySpy. Hikvision All Hikvision cameras work well with SecuritySpy. They have a wide range of cameras for every application, offering good value and high quality. LILIN have a wide range of high-quality products. Mobotix All Mobotix cameras work well with SecuritySpy.

Mobotix is a long-standing manufacturer that is known for their high-quality products. Reolink Significant problems have been encountered with corrupt RTSP video streams from Reolink cameras, therefore they should be avoided. Sharx All Sharx cameras work well with SecuritySpy. Siselectron All Siselectron cameras work well with SecuritySpy.

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Sunba All Sunba cameras work well with SecuritySpy. These cameras require a Windows PC or emulator for setup and configuration. Older Ubiquiti models with different names may not work, as some did not support open standards. Vivotek All Vivotek cameras work well with SecuritySpy.

Vivotek have an excellent range of high-quality cameras. Zavio All Zavio cameras work well with SecuritySpy. All standard Axis cameras work well with SecuritySpy. D-Link cameras are not consistent in terms of their API and support for open standards, so it is difficult to support them. Dahua Technology.