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Seeing notes within the reviewing pane while in draft view doesn't work, since you can't easily tell which notes relate to what text. Or would this simply break in future revisions? This is an important missing feature in Word for the Mac. You can do this in Word for Windows.

Reading through the above threads, this has been the case for the last two major versions Word for the Mac. I'll consider add-ons, scripting, pretty much anything that won't destabilize my system.


Editing in Word 2011 for Mac: Accepting and Rejecting Changes

If the answer is that this is impossible, well, I won't be happy, but at least I'll know. Currently running Word , v.

How To Fix "Author" Showing in Microsoft Word for Mac Instead of Your Name

In the "Track Changes" section of Word's preferences, uncheck the button that says "Use balloons to display changes. Now additions and deletions are shown inline, and comments are shown as highlights with a reference.

Using Microsoft Track Changes — Word for Mac ()

Or, you can display the "Review Pane" and view the comments with additions and deletions interspersed over there. Less distracting than balloons, though. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

How do I modify Word for Mac so I can see tracked changes inline and notes simultaneously? Ask Question.

How to Track Changes in Word 2011 for Mac

However, there's currently no way of doing this while simultaneously viewing comments. To clarify, here are some threads on the MS forums about this: To accept the proposed change, click the Accept button.

Once you click Accept , your text will be replaced with the proposed correction and the cursor will advance to the next correction. To accept all changes in the document, click the dropdown arrow of the Accept icon and select Accept All Changes in Document. Editor comments will need to be addressed separately. If you have lost your user name and password, you will need to click the Reset Password button.

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DulcieG Created on February 21, When I want to move from a document showing the markups from different editors to a clean copy by accepting all changes to it, I can't find a drop down anywhere to "Accept all changes". I can do it in effect by turning off "track changes" and its preferences but then when I want to turn track changes back on to do some new markups, all the old markups come back on.

I thought if I saved it after turning of track changes, when it looks clean to me, that this might be a solution, but it's not - as soon as track changes is on again, even on that new saved document, the old changes show up. I also want to ensure that when I send what I think is a clean document to someone, even if they have "track changes" on, it won't show up any previous changes. This thread is locked.